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Acoustic Density® - Estelio®

The Acoustic Density® - Estelio® Hi-Fi Speaker system was created on the basis of a perfect symbiosis between the precision of computer aided design/manufacturing and the soul handmade assembling and finishing bring to the product.In a world of concrete, steel and metal we took design back to the basics using the highest quality of all natural, naked beech plywood.
The speakers deliver a crystal clear sound through the 5” woofer and the 1.2” silk dome tweeter stringently selected from an array of hi-fi options. With a very easy installation and usage, the system is perfectly suited for offices and living rooms as it stands-out with it’s unique design.

  • Material - 35mm Beech Plywood
  • Tweeter - 1.2" silk dome tweeter
  • Woofer - 5"
  • Color - Glossy White, Natural Wood, Dark Red Wood, Piano Finish Black

Estelio® System was designed for the most exquisite ears.

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Where to buy Estelio® ?

Currently you can only pre-order at Acoustic Density - Factory Store or here, online.
One of our online store can be found at www.audiomagazin.ro

Feel free to contact us for any questions


office@acousticdensity.com or +40 (264) 430-970

Estelio® is the best choice in terms of high quality sound.

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Acoustic Density® warrants its products against defects in material or workmanship for a period of 5 years from the original date of purchase of the product as stated in the receipt that came with it.
Acoustic Density® products are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards but if any production defects are observed, Acoustic Density® will cover the replacement of defective parts and/or the repair.

The Warranty period will extend with the time spent since the product entered the service station until it is brought to a working condition.

Warranty Coverege: The warranty is only valid for products that were purchased from an authorised
Acoustic Density® retailer or dealer and it is only valid if it’s accompanied by the Warranty Certificate and the original invoice/receipt. The warranty excludes the following: Damage by improper use and improper or incorrect installation. This includes damage to any parts due to over amplification or connection to an incorrect supply voltage. Any damage caused by connection to or operation in conjunction with a signal processing device or amplifier that does not meet the specifications or a device that does not have prior written approval from Acoustic Density®. Damage caused by neglect or abuse. This includes accidental dropping, penetration of water, incorrect mounting or exposure to excessive temperatures or humidity. Castors and wheels that are attached to the equipment. Damage due to wear and tear sustained during normal use. Speakers that have been previously opened by unauthorised personnel. Products whose serial number has been altered, deleted, removed or made illegible. The warranty shall be void if parts or accessories not supplied, manufactured or authorized, in writing by the manufacturer, are found to be incorporated in or connected to the product or equipment at any time. Neither transportation, nor any other costs, nor any risk for removal, transportation and installation of products is covered by this warranty.

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